Wind and a line of trees

Wind and a line of trees

So I lost my first drone. My beloved Flywoo Explorer LR4 is MIA. Quite upset about that as it was one of my favourites (just chilled relaxing flight), but on a positive, I have ordered the upgraded version, now the long wait until it's in my hands.

In the mean time, I managed to get out today for a bit of fun. Both with the heavy boi, the Armattan Marmotte and the lightweight HSKRC Freestyle 250 (a clone of the Remix - yes, I know about clones, but when it's not possible to buy a Remix locally, you go to other measures).

I also changed propellors from the Skitzo galaxy Gemfan 51433 to the plain black ones. Turns out, in the cold, Gemfan propellors that have print on them tend to shatter rather than bend in a crash. Such a shame because the galaxy props are SOOOO pretty.

Pretty happy with this flight with the Marmotte. The GoPro footage looks sooooooo buttery smooth. I'm just using Hypersmooth and not Reelsteady (can't justify that cost yet) and an ND16 filter to keep the shutter speed low for cinematic motion blur.

A few close calls there, and even a clip of a tree near the 1:00 mark (listen carefully).

This evening I have been looking through a bit of a history of my flying, and I am improving. The biggest jump was around the 23rd of October last year, when I applied the cinematic preset to the Marmotte, which smoothed my out quite significantly.  

It's not entirely that preset though. I'm running Emuflight on the HSKRC and I don't have that preset on there, and I've smoothed up my flying quite a lot (reviewing from DVR footage, I don't have a GoPro mount for that drone... yet). Filters maybe? Or possibly the round stick ends I have? Not sure.

Yes, I crash a lot still, but I also am gaining a lot more confidence flying closer to the ground and through smaller gaps. I miss flying with friends though.