My bad luck drone that hasn't even flown

My bad luck drone that hasn't even flown

As far as drones go, the Flywoo Explorer is pretty well known, and known as a great drone (even if it had a couple of issues). But I've had the worst luck with mine, and it hasn't even flown yet.

For starters, I thought there were only two versions, the Caddx Vista one for digital and an analog one. Turns out there's a third one, the Caddx Vista one without the Vista unit, this is also a very similar price to the analog one. Guess which one I bought (not being in the DJI digital ecosystem, the Vista is useless to me)?

Ok, not the end of the world, I planned on upgrading the VTX and putting in some sort of split camera for recording HD anyway. Oh wait, DJI uses right-hand polarised antennas, but I need left-hand. I wanted the long length of the antenna that it came with, so in goes another order to Flywoo.

Shaky hands are the worst when soldering a 16x16 stack, and when you're not getting video, you solder and re-solder the camera wire multiple times. Whoops, there goes the solder pad for video... dammit, have to buy another flight controller.

Oh, version 2.1 has removed the barometer from it, d'oh, ah well, GPS will have to do.

Weeks later, a new flight controller arrives, once again, no video. So silly me starts checking voltages with my multimeter. Whoops, bridged two pads with the probes and blew up the 5V regulator (I saw the spark too).

Ok, time to order another FC and wait a couple more weeks. Wire everything up... and no video... hmmmm, again... try hooking up a spare camera and bypassing the Caddx Turtle Mini split camera I bought. It works, ok, the turtle is stuffed. Luckily PhaserFPV were really good here with swapping it over, I just had to wait for delivery.

So none of this is Flywoo's fault, all my own (except for the dodgy Turtle Mini), their stuff is great.

So rebuilding later... and it FINALLY works as it should. Just need to give it a maiden voyage. Watch this space!