FPV Terminology - Part 3

FPV Terminology - Part 3

Final part for terminology, and covering all the stuff we haven't so far. Not extensive, but should cover the majority.

Punch Out - Full throttle straight up into the air. A good way of testing how much raw power your drone has.

Flip - Literally flipping the drone on the pitch axis.

Snap Roll - Same as flip, but on the roll axis. A regular roll is slower.

Powerloop - when looking from the ground, it's a literal loop in the air (or around something). From inside the goggles, it about maintaining throttle as you flip until upside down, then dropping back to 0 throttle, then bringing it back on so you don't hit the ground.  The whole time, maintaining the same position on the pitch stick.  Sounds complex, but actually quite easy.

Split-S - Flipping upside down (using roll) while going forwards, then pulling back on the pitch to go under something. One of my favourite ways to change direction.

Immelman - The opposite of a Split-S, essentially starting with a powerloop, then rolling upright once at the top of the move.

Orbit - Circling a subject while keeping it in the middle of the camera. MUCH harder than it sounds.

Knife Edge - Going through a tight gap on the sideways edge of the drone (ie. roll 90 degrees to one side).

Matty Flip - A reverse powerloop, where the top of the drone is on the outside of the loop, starting at the top and going down and around. Named after the pioneer of the move, Matty Stuntz.

Yaw Spin - Literally spinning on the yaw axis.  Due to camera tilt, this requires some yaw to counteract the downwards angle of the drone. An inverted yaw spin is the same thing, but upside down (also how I did my first big crash where I broke parts).

Dive - going down the side of an object (usually a building) quite closely

Pack - Battery pack

Rip/Ripping/Rip a pack - Flying your drone (generally flying hard).

Cruising/Cruiser - Gentler flying, not so much focused on tricks, generally long range flying (1km+) is like this.

Hypersmooth/Reelsteady/Flowstate - Video stabilisation technology, makes your flying look a lot smoother than it really is. Some consider it cheating, others see it as just part of the production.

Sub 250 - Drones lighter than 250g of all up weight. Many countries have less legal limitations for when a drone is lighter than 250g, so a popular up and coming category of drone.

Turtle Mode - Actually should be called anti-turtle mode, but it's when your drone is upside down on the ground, the ability to spin the propellors backwards to flip back over.