Another day, another broken drone

Another day, another broken drone

Having not flown around trees for a while, and trying out new props (Ethix Peanut Butter & Jelly) means that I'm not so steady on the sticks, gave a little too much throttle and smashed into a branch - something my Marmotte would have survived easily.

Still, breaking stuff is part of the hobby, the painful bit isn't the cost of repairs, but waiting on parts (2-4 weeks).

So on my currently not flying shelf:-

  • Armattan Marmotte (Just waiting on a new motor, frame baseplate has been delivered)
  • Flywoo Explorer LR (a nice big post about this will come at some stage, it's the bad luck drone)
  • RealAcc Martian II (my original drone, currently looking like a heap of parts)
  • HSKRC Freestyle 250 (this one with the broken arm)

On the topic of those new props, going from the Dalprop folding 5" props to the Ethix Peanut Butter & Jelly, a LOT more flight time (close to double), but I do have to push the throttle quite a bit further to take off (around 50% rather than the 30% I normally use). I think they'd be ideal on higher kV motors (I'm running 2306 - 2450kV, probably something around 2600-2700kV - 2207, 2306 - would be ideal) or a lighter quad (although this one isn't too heavy, I haven't printed a GoPro mount for it yet).

I'm still thinking that on these iFlight XING-E motors I'm using, that the Azure LCP (5140 in size) are perfect. Still want to try a few different props though, the Gemfan 51433 have caught my eye.