52 Weeks 2010 – Week 51 – Rusty Lock

Second last week of the project. Wow, can’t believe how quickly the year has passed. Attempt at poor man’s macro this week (ie. close up filters).

Rusty Lock

You’ll notice that the corners of this image are actually quite soft. This isn’t actually from the narrow depth of field, but from a cheap close up filter (a +8 in this case). The biggest issue I found with using this filter over a regular lens (I don’t actually have a macro lens…. yet) is that the distance you can focus between is quite small (maybe around 1cm), so I did a lot of adjusting of the tripod the camera was attached to.

The photo itself isn’t the most exciting in the world, but I really like the texture of the rust on the lock and the galvanised tin. Processing wise, I started in the camera calibration panel in Lightroom and went straight for vivd, from there I only needed some minor adjustments to contrast and the tone curve (adjusting the lights and darks slightly). From there, the clarity slider was adjusted along with noise reduction and sharpening.

A bit of a straighten of the image (which has cropped some of the soft parts as well) and it’s pretty much done. Really quite a simple one on the post processing front.

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Week 25 – Winter warmth

A bit of an abstract photo this week.

Winter warmth

This photo was a slight accident. I was just playing around with my 50mm lens and wondered if I could take a photo of the heater without flash (turned out it was quite easy just by moving the ISO up to 800). The angle was an experiment too that turned out well.

On the processing side of things, really not much past the usual. Just a bit of extra noise reduction (due to the higher ISO), a little extra vibrance, and a fairly transparent overlay layer. No vignette was added to this, but due to the way the lighting is, it got a slight natural one which I really like.

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Week 24 – Docklands Cotton Mills

This week is more an experimentation in post processing rather than the photo itself (which is Ok, but nothing special).

Docklands Cotton Mills

This week, I wanted to get a bit of an old photo effect, to do this, I’ve played around with split toning on a slightly desaturated image. I’ve toned with red in the highlights (I think I may have gone a little overboard with it as the sky is quite pink) and cyan for the shadows (which I think is the real essence of making the photo look old and faded). I’ve put a fairly heavy (for me anyway) vignette around the edge to really give out that old photo effect.

This was taken with my 12-24mm lens, but it was out at 24mm, so I probably should have used my 18-55mm as it’s a sharper lens, but I think it came out ok.

As for the building itself, I ride my bike past this building on my way to and from work and it’s always stood out, so I’ve been curious to get a photo of it to see how it would come out. Looking at it on google maps (in satelite view), it’s more of a collection of buildings rather than a single one, but has a nice entrance. I used to think it was just a workshop or something when I rode past.

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Week 17 – City Circle Tram

A quick update on last week’s photo first. For starters, I’m going to re-upload the photo at some stage. I bought a monitor calibrator and after calibrating all my monitors, the processing on the glamour shots is way too warm (around 7200 kelvins rather than the 6000 it should be). Basically the light behind the girl should be a lot more blue rather than the orange it is.

A funny stat though. I’m only a small time blog so typically when I post to facebook/twitter with my weekly update, I typically get around 30ish views. Last week it jumped to 58 – gee, I wonder why?

So, this week is much different to last week.

City Circle Tram

Went on a bit of a photo walk today up around parliament house which was quite enjoyable (nice and relaxing compared to my bucks party on Saturday night).

I’ve always loved the city circle trams. I think they look fantastic, and it’s a ride I keep meaning to do (possibly a future photo of the week subject source). So the processing done on this is a basic drop in saturation, but not to the point of making it black and white (which I did try with this photo). I think it makes the photo look quite old which really suits the subject. The cars stand out a bit though.

The signs caught the eye a bit much too, so I masked them off and darkened them slightly (along with removing all saturation from them).

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RSS Feeds

So I was going to blog about a story that came through my RSS feed, I went back to it and lost inspiration.  Maybe because I’m watching TV at the same time.  Anyway, so I changed my mind and decided to write about RSS feeds.

So I’m actually a newcomer to the whole RSS thing.  I never really saw the point of it as I had my daily sites all bookmarked and just visited those.  Every time I tried to do the RSS thing, I ended up disappointed.  Live Bookmarks, Google Reader, they just never really grabbed me.  I think the turning point was when I was reading an article that had a whole heap of pages that interested me, so I started looking around a bit more at readers.  I found NetNewsWire for the iPhone which looked pretty nicely laid out, but it required me to set up a News Gator account (I’ve actually known about News Gator for a while from looking at my website logs, one of my most active IP addresses).

So I signed up, and set it all up on the phone, which is a really nice way to pass the time on the train.  I checked out the website reader, and the funny thing is I hardly use the phone reader anymore.

Anyway, I’ve got a bit off track here, I mainly want to just list my favourite RSS feeds.  Funny thing is, I’ve got some Freelancing websites on there, and I’m not actually a Freelancer (or even really want to be).  I think the main reason why I have them there is for the web site design side.


Freelance/Web Design


You may notice that Penny Arcade itself isn’t up there, but that’s mainly because they are one of the websites I strongly support. I even have AdBlock turned off here (and sometimes click the ads) so they get some revenue.

I have a whole heap more on my feed, but these are the best of them. The best thing I find about feeds is that they’re fantastic for sites that aren’t updated daily. That way you don’t need to visit them all the time to see if they’re updated.

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